Neighbours – An Anthology of Russian and Finnish Comics is out now

I am not an artist in this beautiful new book, but I am one of the editors! Exhibition at Helsinki Comics Center until 27 April.


Neighbours – An Anthology of Russian and Finnish Comics

Boomkniga & Finnish Comics Society, 2019

Edited by Aino Sutinen and Dmitry Yakovlev
Artists: Terhi Ekebom, Juliana Hyrri, Ilya Obukhov, Olga Posukh, Anna Volovik
English language, 100 pages, 170 x 215 mm, soft cover, black & white, colour covers

ISBN 978-5-906331-83-0
12,00 € (available at Turun Sarjakuvakauppa)

About the book

Blog post in Finnish


Three Russian and two Finnish comics artists got together and visited Helsinki and St. Petersburg in the autumn of 2018. Each had the assignment to create a unique story in connection to the history of Finland and Russia. Terhi Ekebom (Helsinki) found a connection in the habit of mushroom picking, and perhaps some life metaphors within.

Juliana Hyrri (Helsinki) explored her family’s village roots and difficult war stories narrated through generations. Ilja Obukhov (St. Petersburg) got interested in the adventurous and tragic life of the author Maiju Lassila. Olga Posukh (Novosibirsk) explored the architecture of Alvar Aalto, as well as her own roots. Anna Volovik (Kaliningrad) made a story of her ideas about Linus Torvalds, the developer or the Linux open source software operating system.


Image by Juliana Hyrri!