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Warning: bully a comics blogger and you end up in the blog.
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OK, I get it. It’s ”let’s provoke the feminist” day. Ha-ha! They have no sense of humour! Anyway, feminism was not supposed to be the topic and I didn’t mention it in any way. But probably he had had a peak at my blog.

I was not expecting a rant about women and their period, nor any political debate. And at that moment, I was not aware that he was someone in a position of power (boss, though I assumed something like comedy sidekick), or that his point as a host is to provoke guests.

I just want to say this: I don’t mind joking, I can take a joke and I’m not easily provoked. I remained in a good humour and polite throughout the show, anyway. I’m just sad that someone in a position of power has such reactionary views. Because I think they are pretty much his actual views.

And I find it staggering that it is somehow OK to publicly say ”I’m a misogynist”. Just to be clear, it means: ”I hate women”. Don’t you think? What other group can you say this stuff about?

Some people have no desire to listen. If it was a random guy in a pub, rather than live on-air, I would just call it quits. Maybe this is funny, but as a conversation it’s quite useless.

PS. It was Pete Cato of Spirit FM.

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  1. Löytyyks tää haastattelu nauhoitteena jostain? Aika kauheelta kuulostaa kyl iik. X___X

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