Jos vanhoista miehistä kirjoitettaisiin kuin nuorista naisista

What if they wrote about old men like they do about young women?


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Julkaistu myös KUTI-lehden feminisminumerossa, joka on luettavissa ja tilattavissa täältä:
Also published in the feminist issue of KUTI magazine, available for online reading and subscription here:

Esimerkki ammattilaisia tytöttelevästä jutusta mediassa ”First Aid Kitin sisarusten herttaisuus hellytti Savoy-teatterissa” (HS 10.12.14)

Art, culture, diversity and accessibility – sketchnotes

I was listening to Maryan Abdulkarim’s live talk show on art, culture, diversity and accessibility at Caisa cultural centre in Helsinki. The guests were Eva Neklyaeva and Rita Paqvalen, plus a standup comedy show from Jamie MacDonald. The talk was in English.

I drew this on the spot just for fun, and hope I’m not misquoting anyone while paraphrasing. I like making visual notes on interesting talks.


Eva Neklyaeva Rita Paqvalen






jamie macdonald


Ms. Mandarin #2 is out

So, Ms. Mandarin #2 – Love Machine came out. I now have two issues and more will be on the way next year. You can order them at 1 € each, special price only for you my friend! A6, 16 pages each, vintage Tijuana Bibles type format. So far I’ve mostly sold these from my pocket at comics festivals.

So who is Ms. Mandarin? Well, she’s a mathematics student, bisexual, about 26, overall pretty happy. Sexy funny stuff happening in some kind of twisted reality with a hint of fantasy. Part of a collaborative project of feminist minded erotic comics, something we have going with a few artist friends.