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torstai, maaliskuu 9th, 2017

Tämä sarjakuva on julkaistu viime syksynä Voima-lehdessä, Feministisen sarjakuvatoiminnan urheiluaiheisella sivulla.


Vapaaehtoinen norsuttomuus

keskiviikko, kesäkuu 22nd, 2016

aino sutinen sarjakuva vapaaehtoinen lapsettomuus

Julkaistu myös Voima-lehdessä Feministisen sarjakuvatoiminnan sivulla, toimittamallani teemasivulla aiheesta vapaaehtoinen lapsettomuus.

Jos vanhoista miehistä kirjoitettaisiin kuin nuorista naisista

tiistai, toukokuu 24th, 2016

What if they wrote about old men like they do about young women?


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Julkaistu myös KUTI-lehden feminisminumerossa, joka on luettavissa ja tilattavissa täältä:
Also published in the feminist issue of KUTI magazine, available for online reading and subscription here:

Esimerkki ammattilaisia tytöttelevästä jutusta mediassa ”First Aid Kitin sisarusten herttaisuus hellytti Savoy-teatterissa” (HS 10.12.14)

Ms. Mandarin #2 is out

keskiviikko, marraskuu 18th, 2015

So, Ms. Mandarin #2 – Love Machine came out. I now have two issues and more will be on the way next year. You can order them at 1 € each, special price only for you my friend! A6, 16 pages each, vintage Tijuana Bibles type format. So far I’ve mostly sold these from my pocket at comics festivals.

So who is Ms. Mandarin? Well, she’s a mathematics student, bisexual, about 26, overall pretty happy. Sexy funny stuff happening in some kind of twisted reality with a hint of fantasy. Part of a collaborative project of feminist minded erotic comics, something we have going with a few artist friends.



Radio interview gone wrong

maanantai, marraskuu 9th, 2015

Warning: bully a comics blogger and you end up in the blog.
radio5-web pete cato spirit fm
radio6-web pete cato spirit fm

OK, I get it. It’s ”let’s provoke the feminist” day. Ha-ha! They have no sense of humour! Anyway, feminism was not supposed to be the topic and I didn’t mention it in any way. But probably he had had a peak at my blog.

I was not expecting a rant about women and their period, nor any political debate. And at that moment, I was not aware that he was someone in a position of power (boss, though I assumed something like comedy sidekick), or that his point as a host is to provoke guests.

I just want to say this: I don’t mind joking, I can take a joke and I’m not easily provoked. I remained in a good humour and polite throughout the show, anyway. I’m just sad that someone in a position of power has such reactionary views. Because I think they are pretty much his actual views.

And I find it staggering that it is somehow OK to publicly say ”I’m a misogynist”. Just to be clear, it means: ”I hate women”. Don’t you think? What other group can you say this stuff about?

Some people have no desire to listen. If it was a random guy in a pub, rather than live on-air, I would just call it quits. Maybe this is funny, but as a conversation it’s quite useless.

PS. It was Pete Cato of Spirit FM.